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We all know that it’s a digital world out there – which is why you’re reading this article online, whether “online” for you comes in the form of a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet or the good old desktop computer (any of you out there old enough to remember the sort of computer that had to be programmed with punch cards and took up a large chunk of a room?). For many people, probably including yourself, the first thing that you are likely to do when looking for a new product or service, particularly a product or service in your area, is to turn to the internet to help you. The old Yellow Pages just doesn’t do it as well any more… although it helps a little bit.

Attempting to run a new business, or even improve an old one, without having some sort of online presence would be like trying to run a café without a coffee machine or a gardening and landscaping business without a lawnmower. This is where your customers will find you and where they will interact with you as well.We’re not denying that word of mouth is still as important as it was long before SEO was thought of, but ensuring that you are nicely visible during your potential customers’ online searchers is important. This is where SEO comes in: it helps you end up high on the search pages, which is where you’re most likely to get the clicks.We understand that you’re busy and that you might not know all the little tricks needed to ensure that your new website’s SEO is the best is can be. This is why you’re on the lookout for the most recommended SEO consultants you can find, preferably a local one from Hornchurch, Essex.

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Our mothership is, headquartered in London and run by a guy with an impressive knowledge of the most important search engines. Our top search marketing expert started gathering his what-works-right-now knowledge back in 2000, when Google was just a toddler. His unique testing and optimising techniques dwarf "SEO gurus" who just tag along in Google’s disinformation game. 

When you are looking for the best SEO agency in Hornchurch, Essex (or anywhere else, for that matter), then you need to ask a few questions and be aware of some of the issues out there in the world of SEO so you know that you’re getting the best and you won’t be committing some of the unforgiveable sins of the internet.

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What Colour Is Your SEO Company’s Hat?

First of all, you want to make sure that your SEO agency is one of the good guys: a White Hat company that uses White Hat techniques. The term is taken from the old Western movies, where you could tell the villain from the hero by the colour of his hat. An SEO agency that uses cheap and nasty techniques in attempt to bump a page up the rankings is known as a Black Hat agency – and, like all villains in black hats in good old-fashioned movies, their plans will be thwarted and the good guys will win.

The big issue is this: all search engines, no matter which of them you’re using (Bing, Google, Ask Jeeves, etc.) aren’t managed by real live human beings. Humans just can’t process this amount of data in the short space of time needed for an online search. This means that an algorithm (a fancy word for a computer program) has the job of taking the keyword you’ve used as input and matching it to all the websites out there, then ranking the sites and presenting them in some sort of order where you see the good ones first.

A white hat SEO firm will use the sort of tricks to get you up the rankings that won’t leave your potential customers hopping mad and frustrated. A black-hat company won’t care diddly-squat about the people actually reading the articles containing the SEO and will just work to manipulate the algorithm so it works in a page’s favour.

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Most people hoping to develop a website or blog page remember how things used to be when SEO first became noticed and important. Keywords and links leading to a page were what counted, so black hat SEO companies created link farms jam-packed with ads and horrible “articles” that were not very informative but were crammed with the juicy keywords that the algorithm counted (often written in atrocious English). Today, black-hat SEO agencies are the ones that are responsible for trashy clickbait – we can blame them for weird old tips, secrets your doctor/dermatologist/banker doesn’t want you to know, and things that you won’t BELIEVE happened next (insert long string of exclamation marks). Who actually clicks on these things anyway?

White-hat SEO agencies, however, always bear the customer in mind and know that the internet is where you build relationships with customers, so turning them off with these techniques is shunned. The best SEO companies will focus on not only ensuring that the links and the keywords are there, but they will also ensure that your content is informative, readable and even enjoyable. White hat techniques will look at everything, from the layout of your web page to the URL (never underestimate the power of a good web address) to the content and the metadata. A good SEO agency will be able to create inviting links that intrigue potential readers and drive traffic to your site but will never stoop to being tacky, lurid or trashy.

At first (i.e. 10 years ago), it looked as though the black hat guys were going to win. However, as in all good plots, the white hats have been triumphant in the long run… mostly.

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Hornchurch-SEO-Agency on Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds And The Rest Of The Zoo

The secret sidekick that saved the day and ensured that the white hats would win was the Panda and its pals, the Hummingbird, the Pigeon and the Penguin. These are the names of the Google algorithms that cracked down on the trashy black hat techniques and ensured that only the most effective search engine optimisation experts that used reader-friendly techniques would win the top spots in the rankings. Beautifully, the name “Panda” arose not because of some decision by a marketing team with a sense of humour but from the name of the programmer who developed the algorithm that weeded out the bad guys; the other names, however, were developed by marketers.

The Panda algorithm cracked down on sites that duplicated content from other sites, link farms and content stuffing. This saw a downturn in a lot of the bad sites. Along similar lines, the Penguin algorithm aimed to squash spammy sites with far too many ads. The Hummingbird, however, helped to make searching easier by looking at your search terms as a whole and considering its meaning and its synonyms. The Pigeon tailors a search so your local pages come up front, so that if you are in Hornchurch, Essex, you will see the pages of businesses in your area rather than from, say, Malaysia or Russia.

White hat SEO agents have made friends with the entire zoo of Google algorithms (and other algorithms), meaning that they know about good content.

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Content is the Foundation of Search Engine Optimisation of Any Business Website

Content comes in a range of forms. It goes beyond the obvious items such as About pages, home pages, product descriptions and FAQs – although these are still very important and the best SEO agents will know how to make them count. Content also covers things like media release and blog articles – and less wordy items like videos, photos, GIFs and memes.

On top of this, a good SEO agent will know how to make social media work for you in a way that helps put you in front of your target audience – and yes, this includes clever use of hashtags. At the very least, your SEO agent should ensure that your posts, videos and articles come with a selection of sharing buttons for several social media platforms. While not every post will go viral, content that has high audience appeal and is likely to get shared far and wide on a variety of platforms is absolute internet gold. A sense of humour is important here – and is much better than those “Like if you…” “Share if you….” “Type Amen if you…” social media like-garnering posts.

Content is king and the best SEO experts have always known this. If you’re confused, if you’re not much of a writer or if you need help knowing how to make social media work for you, then have a chat to us. Even if we’re not the best SEO agency in Hornchurch, Essex yet, we’d certainly like to be and we’ll do our very best to make your website excellent.

What is SEO

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