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Welcome to the London SEO Guy agency world. We have been successfully ranking local business websites in Google since 2000. We specialise in free organic Google traffic through laser targeted search engine optimisation.

Unique Digital Marketing Specialists

We are based in London, UK and have our top Google websites rankings purely through SEO! We are responsible for a multitude of success stories across London and various other parts of England. Our long experience (literally when Google was a little toddler) has been helping us with being ahead of our competitors when it comes to understanding how search engines tick.

Our website optimisation is based on a scientific approach driven by unique sets of data, which our competition don’t have.

We are not in the business of putting competitors down, however the reality is without access to these specific data sets and analysis then they are more likely to do SEO like a blind taxi driver taking your loved ones for a ride! Point made.

Sadly, there are a ton of SEO “gurus” out there spreading misinformation like there is no tomorrow. That’s why you need a guy who underpromises and overdelivers. Always.

London SEO Gut - The Best Search Optimization Agency

London SEO Guy is run by me, Nick Vassilev, and I have been building local businesses from scratch through organic search traffic since 2000. I have been benefiting from the free traffic for many years and counting. If you are looking to increase the number of phone calls to your company sales lines, then make sure you get in touch with me.

When I started ranking my very first website Google was a baby. Since then the mighty search engine has gone through more changes than you can ever imagine and yet, my websites are still at the top ranking positions for competitive keywords in many niches.

I only use safe search engine optimisation methods that blow away any high-risk fly-by-night “ninja tricks”. Ninja tricks only work for a limited time, in most cases until Google catches up with them and plugs the loopholes. On the next day your phone goes quiet. Definitely not a good business model for a local business owner who needs to provide for his family and staff.

Core Agency Services

Architecture Analysis

We analyse, research, develop and execute tailored SEO solutions that have an immediate impact on your website and business. Since 2000 me and my team have been testing, learning and implementing techniques for powering websites up to insanely successful levels.

  • Winning Tailored Strategies 
  • Laser Targeted Content Creation 
  • Optimise Existing Webpages
  • Money Making Keywords
  • Content Development

On Site Optimisation

Religious attention to detail based o the latest in-house SEO lab tests gives you a cutting edge advantage against mainstream knowledge competitors. 

  • SEO Boosting URL Planning 
  • Optimised Title & META Description 
  • Structure and Framework Improvement
  • Link Juice Preservation
  • Get Rid of Toxic Links

Off Site Optimisation

Smart increase of your online presence so that Google sees you as a voice of authority in your industry. Secret sauce and unfair advantage will give you an explosive boost so you can dominate your competitors in the search results. 

  • Building Brand New Links (Link Building) 
  • Social Media Community Following
  • Activity Monitoring & Tracking
  • Comprehensive Backlink Analysis
  • Reporting everything

Best Local SEO Company

SEO Company in London

Rank in Your Local Area and Postcode

Why don’t you type “London SEO” and see who comes on page one from almost 80,000,000 result? Bear in mind that this website is work in progress and only started working on the rankings a few months ago. So by the time you read this the ranking position may go up, which, inevitably it will end up, of course.

Now that you can see that I am one of the best local SEO experts and I put my money where my mouth is, can you imagine how your business will get flooded with calls and web enquiries from people who want to buy your services or products. You will most likely need fresh additions to your saes team in order to handle the increased volume of leads. I bet very soon expansion to new locations will be on the decision table. 

Let the master of SEO do what he does best. This will be the best spent marketing money for maximum ROI - my clients are expected to double or triple their earnings with the safest SEO that keeps generating income, and guarantees rankings on page one of the search engines within my specific time estimate.

Are You Thinking, “How to Rank My Website at the Top in the Search Engines?”

Well, you found our website on Page One, ain’t that something, right? I can do the same for you. If you are after measurable success on a monthly basis without any Bull, London SEO Guy is your man. I will work hard on your website until I rank you on page 1 and your phone starts ringing off the hook.

A quick word of warning - I don’t work with everybody as my time is dedicated to delivering success only to those clients who are obsessed with taking their businesses to the next level.

If you are ready to jump on the path of continued success, call 020 3137 8017 to find out what is the next step. Or just keep reading…

Powerful SEO Company London

Our SEO Services | Done For You, of Course

  • Initial search engine rankings will be analysed in order to find where improvement is needed.
  • Analyse and reverse engineer the competitors in your industry so I can outrank them. This is an important step of action as “know your enemy” is the starting point when you prepare for war. For war it is…I take my business seriously.
  • Inspect the current framework and structure of your website and provide fixes that will bring it in compliance with the latest Google algorithm updates.
  • Fine tune your website’s code in order to avoid search engine crawling issues.
  • Test browsers and page load speed, algorithmic and manual penalty checks etc - all that’s needed to make sure your web presence is fully optimised for maximum user experience.
  • Perform security audits and deploy the latest hacker-proof technology. Your website can never be protected enough.
  • Targeting the best buyer keywords for maximum traffic of your niche specific visitors who will order your goods or services.
  • Search and locate all your web properties (online business listings), perform edits, updates, and new additions to your growing online presence.
  • Building a safe and authoritative backlink profile for your business website.
  • Ensure your website is mobile friendly and available in Google’s mobile only search index.
  • Monitor the volume and origins of your web traffic and site views
  • Administer your Google Search Console Account, implement xml sitemap updates, fix errors, act upon messages as needed.
  • Online reputation management at its finest. I have been running a service business since 2000 and I know nasty reviews from unreasonable clients can ruin an established business within weeks. I can help you expertly repair your damaged online reputation.
  • Creating new unique and optimised content for better conversion rates through precise USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and CTA (Calls to Action).
  • Position your website as an authoritative source of industry specific solutions and  information.
  • Detailed itemised list of customer interactions with your website/office. We track and measure your success at all times.
  • Easy to read reports showing how SEO is working for you on your path to the top of Page 1.

Dominate Your Competitors on the 1st Page of Google

Tired of spending a ton of money on Pay Per Click ads that drain your budget and bring almost no paying customers?

Don't worry, it's not just you. Many small business owners across London and the whole of the UK are in the same shoes.

But do you want to break away from these chains and take your business to the next level?

We will SEO your website into hyperspace and leave your competitors in your wake...wondering what just happened.

OK, I Need the Best London SEO for My Business, What Would Be the Next Step?

Once we have established and agreed you are a good match for our capabilities, your website will be treated with the best up-to-date techniques that will immediately improve its current position. Below is just a taster of our preparation for a future of power, success and cha-chink.

1. Meticulous preparation, analysis and detailing your marketing strategy

Research, reverse-engineer competitors, unearth hidden webpage errors, administer Google account.

2. Laser-Targeted On-Page Search Engine Optimisation

We fix everything that is dragging your website down the rankings and preventing you to occupy the positions that your business deserves. We clean up old messes, spammy and shady stuff (trust me, I have seen a lot in my time) and if needed launch you anew with a clean but powerful slate. We will preserve your existing power and authority by improving vital page stats, redirect link juice, optimise website structure and so much more.

3. Deploy the Cavalry with Off-Page SEO

Shock and awe your competitors with a barrage of clever linking solutions, optimised content, and wave-making brand citations. We pride ourselves with providing measurable trackable results with every digital marketing campaign we launch for each of our local business clients. Once the wheels are in motion there is no stopping you - domination is inevitable.

I bet You Have Questions. See Our SEO FAQs and Blog Posts

What is SEO

You may have heard the term SEO being bandied about here and there in discussions on online marketing and website creation. However, for you, it might be one of those terms that although you think you know what it means, you’re not entirely sure – and you don’t really want to display your unfamiliarity with the term for fear of appearing less than au fait with the lingo (come on, you have to admit that this happens from time to time – I know it’s happened to me). Read More...

How long does it take to rank on page one of Google?

OK, so you’ve got the general idea of SEO and that this is the Number 1 way to ensure that you get onto the first page of a potential client’s or customer’s search results, whether this is on Google or some other search engine. We won’t count paid ads, as quite a few customers ignore these unless they happen to be absolutely and precisely what they’re looking for, which isn’t always the case. Read More...

Why hire an SEO expert?

I’ve got a mental picture of you scratching your head, running your fingers through your hair and frowning while you think “Is it worth hiring an SEO agent? Is it worth getting someone to do my SEO? Is it really true that an SEO agent will get my business the results that I need?” Read More

How does SEO work?

Search engine optimization makes sure that your website sends the right signals to the search engines so they can rank it at the top of the SERPs. There are many variables that can make or break the performance of your best salesman (your website, that is): content, the way it is formatted, videos, photos number of vital website signals, user experience, page load speed, backlinks, secondary web properties, online branding, the message your web presence sends to Google and others.

A good website optimizing expert knows how to fine tune your on-page as well as your off-page signals. Investing in the right SEO company proves invaluable and a great ROI for any business.

SEO | Our Locations

Not in London? Check us out, Hornchurch – a town in Greater London where some great businesses have set up base. If you are after a local SEO expert to bring your website on top of everybody else, get in touch with us today. For the top SEO company in London, there is no difference where you are located - we can rank you in every city in the world because we care about your success.